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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Toy Story.

After selling my scrap metal. I had become this toy. I call BABY CAR. :P

1st time snap picture this toy.

PUSPAKOM time for changed named, insurance.

Picture by Nabila at DANGA BAY. :P

After 1 month, tangan pun mula dah gatal2 bukak sana bukak sini.

spray job.

Engine out.

Clutch plate 660 to 850

Engine bay.


Okayh. Act, modifications have been done a lot of work, just not had time to take pictures. I'll back again. Tq.


H a n G a r a j said...

cool project....keep us update...btw...if u plan to throw away that mk1 bumper...ring me up at my HanGaraj.Blogspot

Wafi said...

okayh bro. thax. :)